About Wi-Design

15-sompolski-walk-to-conservetoryLandscape design is often considered to be a simple task, “Anyone can do it! I just need some space, put in a walkway, parking, some modular block walls, a couple of trees, grass and some shrubberies. It’s not like architecture where you need to have everything just right or nothing will fit and it may even fall down!”

However, since you as a client are interested in having your investment function properly and efficiently, accommodate all the criteria your project requires, have “curb appeal,” stand up to the elements over time and not overgrow everything, the planning stage cannot be underestimated.

Planning for an investment takes time, thought and money. If you were to invest money in the stock market, you would certainly do some careful planning on what to purchase, how much of each type of security and also which ones to avoid, generally with the assistance and expertise of a knowledgeable practitioner in the field.

Wi-Design should therefore no longer remain just a question but an answer as well, and your first step in beginning your next land development project. No matter how small or how large, Wi-Design is an intelligent and prudent starting point.

About Peter Bonette


Peter Bonette is a registered landscape architect and is LEED certified.

For the last 28 years, Peter has been a practicing landscape architect, dedicated and focused on his profession and committed to remaining current with developments in the field.

Peter’s experience has been primarily in multi-disciplinary architectural firms and residential design/build. He is accomplished in working closely with a team and building strong team relationships in order to produce the very best projects.

Education & Licensing

  • BSLA 1984 California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, CA, Bachelor of Science Landscape Architecture
  • Licensed LLA , New Jersey
  • Licensed CLA , Maryland
  • Licensed CLA , Virginia
  • Licensed CLA , Kentucky
  • Licensed CLA, Pennsylvania
  • Licensed CLA, Ohio

Professional Affiliations

  • Professional affiliations: ASLA, CLARB, LEED-AP


  • NJ-ASLA:Pfizer Pharmaceutical “Central Green” – Groton, CT
  • NJ-ASLA: Proctor & Gamble – Mason, OH

Wi-Design collaborates with Liquidscapes on many projects and for Skate Park projects we team with Skate Park Workshops.